Concise Guide to Control of Asbestos (EPD)

Extracted from EPD’s “A Concise Guide to the Air Pollution Control Ordinance” in the Section of Control of Environmental Asbestos (APCO Chapter 311 sections 51 to 80)

14. Apart from the power of issuing Asbestos Abatement Notice to abate asbestos emissions, the Ordinance also provides a registration system to control asbestos work. Asbestos consultants, contractors, supervisors and laboratories must register if they want to practice in the asbestos abatement profession. The registers of registered asbestos consultants, contractors, supervisors and laboratories are kept by EPD and open to the public for inspection.
15. Before carrying out any asbestos removal work, the owner of the premises concerned is required to submit an asbestos investigation report and abatement plan prepared by registered asbestos consultant to EPD at least 28 days in advance. The owner is also required to notify EPD of the date of commencement of such work at least 28 days in advance. All asbestos removal work must be carried out and supervised by registered personnel in compliance with prescribed standards.
16. The Ordinance also bans the importation or sale in Hong Kong of any quantity of 2 types of asbestos, namely amosite and crocidolite, or any item containing the said asbestos unless it is goods in transit or having exemption under the Ordinance.