Who is the Owner of the premises ?

The owner is the party who control the site.

In accordance with section 2 of the Air Pollution Control Ordinance, the owner of the premises in the following capacity:

(a) 業主;
the owner;

in relation to the building or premises, the lessee or occupier of the building or premises;

the contractor who has possession of the premises for the purposes of construction work;

in relation to the common area of the building, the management committee or other body responsible for the management or control of the building.

Flow Chart for Work Acceptance Test for Asbestos Abatement Work Using Full Containment Method

Extracted from EPD Code of Practice on Asbestos Control for Asbestos Work Using Full Containment or Mini Containment Method

Pasted Graphic 1

Work flow for the submission of documents to EPD

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